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Composition Finale Files
These files are notation documents of original compositions by Richard Freeman-Toole. Composers and musicians interested in new music are encouraged to download anything that looks interesting. The playback will very likely be eccentric because General Midi orchestrations have been largely abandoned. I may go back and change this pretty soon. To see the files please go to the link below and download Finale Reader, the free starter version of Finale. Until recently, it was Finale Notepad, but the company decided to start charging money for that program. With reader, you can't edit music, but you can still see it, hear it, and print it. Without DSL the download time can be considerable--try doing it at night.

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Richard Freeman-Toole has chosen a life of self-exile. He cut his professional teeth on the red meat of Los Angeles and San Francisco, writing for and performing with some of the best musicians in the world. In 1987 he abandoned the madness of big city life for the rolling hills of the Palouse in northern Idaho, and in 2004 he traveled to Glennallen, Alaska, just about as far away from worldly success as you can get. He has meanwhile kept composing; by now his art has reached a pinnacle of musical maturity. He cannot die in peace wthout at least trying to make known his accomplishments.
Finale Reader
Aurora for flute choir Download
Harbinger for solo violin Download
Saxophone Sonata: I DistantDrums Download
Saxophone Sonata: II Be Thou My Vision Download
Saxophone Sonata: III Above the Ridge Download
Vortex with Lightning Bugs for string orchestra Download