Richard Freeman-Toole Writing
My writing falls into three main categories:
1.) technical articles on musical subjects,
2.) philosophical articles and commentary, and
3.) creative work, i.e., poems and prose fiction.
I am now seeking a different venue for my creative writing which is more controversial than many in my musical flock can handle; nevertheless, there is much here to ponder and appreciate.

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Doctoral Thesis-Article #1
***On the Improv Mind State
Doctoral Thesis-Article #2
***On the Ethics of Music Composition
The Miracle of Music Download
The Soul of the Song
***On the Relationship Between Quoted Collective Material
***and Transcendental Resonance in the Music of Charles Ives :
***In Search of a Literal Definition

Music Stories
A collection of musical stories, parables, and object lessons.
**Title Page
***Music Stories Table of Contents Download
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******$100 Music Lesson Download
******The Archer Download
******Caneland Download
******The Village Idiot Download
******Hit on the Head with a Hammer Download
******The Sick Soprano's High Note Download
******Massive Doses and Quantum Leaps Download
******A Sad Time Leads to a Breakthrough Download
******Bunger-Prodigy-Fingering Download
******Don't Pound on the Piano Download
******UCLA Audition Download
******Driving Through Union Town Download
******Electronic vs. Acoustic Pianos Download
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******Cat Anderson's Lip Download
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******Learning to Play Soft Download
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****People Stories Download
******Baby Mozart Plays 2nd Violin Download
******Beecham and the Clarinet Download
******Handel and Corelli Download
******Stravinsky in the Hospital Download
******Conducting from the Viola Chair Download
******A Conductor's Insult Download
******Swearing Under the Cross Download
******Last Night at the Hollywood Bowl Download
******Histoire du Soldat Download
****Philosophical/Aesthetical Download
******Angel Song Download
******Right Brain Stories Download
******Holly Bright Astral Travel Download
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On the Relationship Between Musical Onomatopoesie and Abstract Form Download
Primal Scene Download